Microphone Stand Newnabie

Microphone Stand Newnabie

Giá: 650.000 VND

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  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE: Compact base microphone stand smoothly quick and easy, raise or lower height adjustment from 33.5" inch to 60.24'' inches high. Also, used USA standard 5/8 x 27 external thread size.
  • BOOM ARM EXTENDABLE: The adjustable telescoping boom arm in 33.46” inch long that makes this microphone stand the industry's most flexible and easy-to-use on the market. Also, it helps microphone to stay elevated.
  • RELIABLE STURDY BASE: It is solid die-cast and base for about 235mm in diameter. Mic stand will provide stability and precise balance to avoid it from falling. And 9.92 lbs. counterweight for a stable microphone placement.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN: This is an ideal mic stand for the musician that’s always on the go. It’s ultra-light pack up with sleek black finish is ultra-light for easy transport. It is also built compact to be both durable for long term use.
  • STUDIO AND CONCERT USE: Perfect mic holder positioning and optimal pickup for the studio and concert performances. It is a class at its own.
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