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Authentic piano playability

Piano quality only possible from Yamaha

Yamaha's unique Pure CF Sound Engine is the result of over a century of acoustic piano craftsmanship combined with state-of-the-arttechnology and expertise.

Yamaha is the industry leader in digital piano technology, and you can hear this in the sound of digital pianos that utilise the Pure CF engine. P-125 includes the sound of the renowned Yamaha CFIIIS 9' concert grand piano and is faithfully reproduced, allowing for incredible dynamics and expressiveness making Pure CF equipped digital pianos worthy of the Yamaha name.

A Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) 88-key piano keyboard provides a heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end, and is similar to the acoustic piano.

The newly improved 2-way speaker system produces an expansive piano sound in both upward and downward directions.

This enables the player to enjoy a rich sound field as though you were sitting in front of an acoustic piano.

The Stereophonic Optimizer—a new kind of headphone experience

When using headphones, the Stereophonic Optimizer lets players enjoy the same dispersed sound heard when sitting in front of an acoustic piano. With the Stereophonic Optimizer, Voices sampled from acoustic pianos appear to come from the body of the instrument.

This provides a comfortable, natural experience that eliminates the downsides of performing with headphones.

Go and Play—Anywhere

The P-125 is light and compact for easy portability.

With the dedicated softbag, you can bring P125 everywhere you want.

The new "table EQ" feature enables the player to maintain optimal acoustics, so even if you play on a hard, flat surface, you can get the best possible sound.

P-125 has on-board Bass and Drum tracks that keep your playing in time. There's a variety of rhythm patterns to choose from depending on the the vibe you're going for. From rock to ballads, use these rhythms to add an element of fun to your practicing, or simply use them as a virtual drummer for your performances.

Our "Smart Pianist"app allows you to control the many functions included in Yamaha digital pianos with your smart device. Voices, rhythms and other settings can be selected while looking at the screen, making it easy to enjoy new functions with ease.

You can also save your favorite settings for quick recall at any time. You can discover the chords in audio tracks in your iPhone or iPad instantly. Find new ways to enjoy your P-125, using smart functions that only a modern digital instrument can provide

Kích cỡ/trọng lượng
Kích thước Chiều rộng 1326mm
Chiều cao 166mm
Chiều sâu 295mm
Trọng lượng Trọng lượng 11.8kg
Giao diện Điều Khiển
Bàn phím Số phím 88
Loại Graded hammer standard (GHS) keyboard, matte finish on black keys
Touch Sensitivity Hard/medium/soft/fixed
Bảng điều khiển Ngôn ngữ English
Tạo Âm Âm thanh Piano Pure CF Sound Engine
Đa âm Số đa âm (Tối đa) 192
Cài đặt sẵn Số giọng 24
Biến tấu
Loại Tiếng Vang Yes (four types)
Kiểm soát âm thông minh (IAC) Yes
Âm vang Yes
Các chức năng Kép/Trộn âm Yes
Tách tiếng Yes
Duo Yes
Bài hát
Cài đặt sẵn Số lượng bài hát cài đặt sẵn 21 demo songs and 50 piano songs
Thu âm Số lượng bài hát 1
Số lượng track 2
Dung Lượng Dữ Liệu 100 KB per song (approx. 11,000 notes)
Định dạng dữ liệu tương thích Phát lại SMF (format 0, format 1)
Thu âm SMF (format 0)
Các chức năng
Kiểm soát toàn bộ Bộ đếm nhịp Yes
Dãy Nhịp Điệu 5 - 280
Dịch giọng -6 to 0,0 to +6
Tinh chỉnh 414.8 - 440.0 - 446.8 Hz
Nhịp điệu 20
Lưu trữ và Kết nối
Kết nối DC IN DC IN 12 V
Tai nghe Standard x 2
Pedal duy trì Yes (Half pedal available with optional FC3A)
Bộ phận Bàn đạp Yes (Optional)
Ampli và Loa
Ampli 7 W x 2
Loa 12 cm x 2 + 4 cm x 2
Nguồn điện
Nguồn điện PA-150B or other Yamaha-preferred parts
Tiêu thụ điện 9 W (using PA-150 power adapter)
Chức năng Tự động Tắt Nguồn Yes
Phụ kiện
Phụ kiện kèm sản phẩm Giá để bản nhạc Yes
Pedal/Bàn đạp chân Yes
AC Adaptor PA-150B or other Yamaha-preferred parts
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