Mã sản phẩm: XS350

Giá thị trường: 13.500.000 VND

Giá: 7.500.000 VND -44%

Tiết kiệm: 6.000.000 VND

Nhà sản xuất: YAMAHA

Tình trạng: Còn hàng

1 Cặp Jack Speakon
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XS350 Power Amplifier

The Yamaha XS350 Power Amplifier offers an ideal balance of performance, power, and economy for a wide range of professional applications - from on-the-road sound reinforcement to permanent installations in clubs, houses of worship, and other institutions. In addition to a plentiful supply of clean, precise power and advanced features, these high-performance amplifiers also offer the type of hard-working dependability that is essential for demanding professional applications.

Power and Performance

The XS250 and XS350 are proof that, where Yamaha is concerned, economy does not mean compromise. These deliver top-of-the-line power and performance while being remarkably affordable. The XS250 offers 170 watts per channel, and the XS350 puts out a solid 230 watts, respectively. But power alone does not make up the entire picture: total harmonic distortion in both amplifiers is no more than 0.05% at half power so you get clean, precise sound.

Switch-Selectable Bridge Mode

If you need serious power, both models can instantly be switched to the BRIDGE mono operation via a rear-panel selector. In the BRIDGE mode the XS250 delivers 500 watts, and the XS350 delivers 700 watts with the same low distortion and high sound quality as in the normal stereo mode

Parallel Mode

The mode selector also features a PARALLEL setting in which the amplifier's two channels deliver independent output to drive separate speaker systems, but are fed from a single mono signal applied to the "A" input.

Built-in Variable Subwoofer

To eliminate the need for extra equipment and cabling, and make setup as easy and convenient as possible for a wide range of system configurations, the XS250 and XS350 feature built-in filters which shape the amplifier's frequency response for driving subwoofer systems. Independent filters are provided for the "A" and "B" channels, and the filter frequency of each is continuously variable from 25 Hz to 125 Hz for optimum matching with any type of subwoofer.

Low Cut Filter

Alternatively, a switchable Low Cut mode allows the filters to be used to remove low-frequency noise and rumble

Rear-panel dB-calibrated Attenuators

Input attenuators on the amplifier's rear panel allow optimum matching with just about any input source. The fact that the attenuators are on the amplifier's rear panel - rather than the more common front-panel location - means that they are out of the way, to prevent accidental level changes and tampering. The attenuators are dB-calibrated and have 31 detent positions for accurate, repeatable settings.

Full Circuit Protection

Comprehensive circuit protection in both models ensures safe operation with minimal possibility of accidental damage to speakers or the amplifiers themselves. Power-on muting prevents the power-on surge from reaching the speakers and allows the amplifier to stabilize before operation begins. DC sensing shuts off the outputs if excessive DC is detected at the output terminals. And thermal protection shuts down the amplifier if the heat sink temperature exceeds 90 degrees Celsius.

Variable-speed Cooling for High Reliability

When it comes to power amplification, heat can degrade reliability perhaps more than any other factor. Extra measures have been taken in the XS250 and XS350 to ensure trouble-free operation under even the worst conditions. Both models feature oversized heat sinks, an interior layout carefully designed to promote optimum air flow and heat dispersion, and a high-reliability variable-speed cooling fan which responds to heat-sink temperature to maintain optimum operating temperature at all times.

Multiple Connectors

The XS250 and XS350 offer multiple input and output connectors for plug-in compatibility with the widest possible range of systems and equipment. Both balanced XLR-type connectors and barrier-strip connections are provided for input. For speaker connection the XS250 and XS350 provide both barrier strip and 5-way binding post terminals.

System Indicators

So you always know the amplifier's status, power, protection, clip and signal indicators are on the front panel. The PROTECTION indicators warns that one of the amplifier's protection circuits has been activated, the SIGNAL indicators light when a signal is present in the corresponding channel, and the CLIP indicators warn of excessive signal levels that may cause distortion.



20Hz-20kHz, THN+N=0.1% 8 ohms/ STEREO = 230W +230 W, 4 ohm/ STEREO = 350W + 350W, 8 ohms/BRIDGE = 700W
1kHz, THD+N=0.0% 8 ohms/ STEREO = 250W + 250W, 4 ohm/ STEREO = 400W + 400W, 8 ohms/BRIDGE = 800W
1kHz, 20ms, non-clip 2 ohm/STEREO: 600W + 600W
Power Bandwidth Half-power: 10Hz-40kHz (THD+N=0.1%)
THD+N 20Hz-20kHz, Half Power 4~8 ohm/STEREO, 0.05%, 8ohm/BRIDGE 0.05%
Frequency Response 8 ohm, Po=1W, 10Hz-50kHz
Intermodulation distortion 60Hz:7kHz, 4:1 Half power 4-8ohm/STEREO = 0.05%; 8ohm/BRDIGE = 0.05%
Channel Separation Half power RL=8ohms, ATT. Max input 600 ohm shunt: 20Hz-20kHz
Residual Noise ATT. Min 12.7kHzLPF = less than or equal to-70dB, IHFA network = Less than or equal to -75dB
S/N Ratio 100dB
Dampling factor 8 ohm, f=1kHz; greater than or equal to 100dB
Slew rate 8 ohms full swing STEREO = + or - 30V/us; BRIDGE = + OR -40V/us
Sensitivity (ATT. Max) Rated power into 8 ohm +3.1dB
Voltage Gain ATT. Max 32.1dB
Input Impedance 15k ohms (Unbalance)
Front Panel POWER switch (push on/push off)
Rear Panel Attenuator: (31 position dB calibrated) x 2, MODE switch (STEREO/BRIDGE/PARALLEL), FILTER switch (OFF/SUBWOOFER/LOW CUT) X 2 (-12dB/oct), FREQ. Control (25Hz-125Hz) x2
Connectors Input: Barrier strip terminal XLR-3-31 type; Output: Barrier strip terminal 5way binding post
Indicators POWER: x1 (green), PROTECTION: x2 (red), CLIP: x2 (red)
Protection Circuit POWER: Switch on/off mute, DC: Detection, TEMP (heatsink temp greater than or equal to 90 degrees C)
PC limitter RL less than or equal to 1 ohm
Fan Circuit Low/~50 degrees C, Variable/50 degrees ~ 70 degrees C, High/70 degrees C~
Power Requirements US and Canada model: 120V, 60Hz, Europe model: 230V, 50Hz, AT model: 240V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 600W/800VA, Idling: 45W, 1/8 Output power, 4 ohms: 550W, Maximum output 4 ohms: 1400W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 480x132x319mm ( 18-7/8" x 5-3/16" x 12-9/16"); Panel height 132mm, Depth behind front panel 319mm
Weight 20kg (44.1 lbs.)
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