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The DBR10 is the most compact model in its series and in its class. Capable of delivering a maximum SPL of 129dB from its compact enclosure, the DBR10 can be used as a utility speaker in a variety of environments.

Đặc điểm

High-Efficiency 1000W Class-D Amplifiers


The DBR's lightweight, high performance Class-D amplifier is capable of producing up to 1000W* of power, achieving an SPL of 132dB, delivered with remarkable clarity and dynamic characteristics.
*DBR10 has an output level of 700W.

Custom Designed Transducer


The high power output woofers deliver well-defined, powerful bass with minimal distortion, while the 1.4" precision compression driver* produces accurate mid-range and high frequencies.
*DBR10 features a 1" compression driver.

A Rugged, Highly Portable Cabinet


DBR Series speakers feature a compact, lightweight, and durable plastic cabinet which offers the highest level of portability of all Yamaha powered speakers. The sleek steel grille bolsters cabinet durability and protects the internal components while a newly designed ergonomic handles provide effortless transportation and system setup.

Smart Enclosure Design for Floor Monitoring


DBR Series speakers feature an optimized 50°wedge angle for floor monitoring. In addition the DBR12 and DBR15's symmetrical shape allows for effortless configuration of a mirror-mode floor monitoring system in either symmetrical or stereo sound field setups.

Easy-to-use Onboard 2-Channel Mixer

DBR Series speakers have two input channels. CH1 has a combo jack which accepts both XLR and TRS Phone allowing for either Mic or Line level input signals. CH2 offers two input options; a combo jack that accepts XLR or TRS Phone, and an RCA pin jack for input from CD players or other stereo line-level sources. The onboard mixer allows you to select either CH1+2 MIX to mix the signal of CH1 and CH2, or CH1 THRU to pass the signal from CH1 only.

Rigging Points for Installation Applications


DBR loudspeakers come equipped with M8 rigging threads, allowing for rigged applications with optional speaker brackets or standardized eye-bolts.
*Speaker brackets and eye-bolts are not included.

Functional Speaker Cover (Option)



The functional speaker covers that protect your speakers from unfavorable weather conditions during outdoor performances, dusty and dirty warehouse storage, or the rigors of equipment transport on the road.

- Trilaminar fabric of durable polyester, with inner PVC coat and cushion inside for impact suppression.
- Front mesh allows sound reinforcement with the cover as well as ensures amp cooling.
- Rear roof allows easy access to the rear panel with the cover on.
- Handle slit allows easy access to the handles for carriage
- Inner pocket additional space for carrying cables.

*NOTE: The covers do NOT guarantee water-drip protection.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Thông số kỹ thuật chung

Loại loa 2-way, Bi-amp powered speaker, Bass-reflex type
Dải tần (-10dB) 55Hz – 20kHz
Độ bao phủ danh địnhH 90°
V 60°
Các bộ phậnLF Diameter:10" cone, Voice Coil:2", Magnet:Ferrite
HF Diaphragm:1", Type: 1" throat compression driver, Magnet:Ferrite
Bộ chia tần 2.1kHz: FIR-X tuning™ (linear phase FIR filter)
Công suất đầu ra Dynamic:700 W (LF: 500 W, HF: 200 W) / Continuous: 325 W (LF: 260 W, HF: 65 W)
Mức đầu ra tối đa (1m; trên trục) 129dB SPL
Đầu nối I/O INPUT1: Combo x1, INPUT2: Combo x 1 + RCA pin x 2 (Unbalanced), OUTPUT: XLR3-32 x 1 (CH1 Parallel Through or CH1+CH2 Mix)

General specifications

Heat dissipation Fan cooling, 4 speeds

Thông số kỹ thuật chung

Yêu cầu về nguồn điện 100 V, 100-120V, 220-240 V, 110/127/220V (Brazil), 50/60Hz
Tiêu thụ Điện 60W(1/8 Power Consumption), 18W(Idle)
Vật liệu tủ Plastic
Lớp hoàn thiện Black
Tay cầm Top x 1
Phụ kiện lắp đặt và treo Bottom x 2 (Fit for M8 x 15 mm eyebolts)
Ổ cắm cực 35mm (Bottom x 1)
Kích thướcRộng 308mm (12.1")
H 493mm (19.4")
Sâu 289mm (11.4")
Trọng lượng tịnh 10.5 kg (23.2 lbs)
Phụ kiện BBS251, BCS251, BWS251-300, BWS251-400 (Optional Speaker bracket)
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