Mã sản phẩm: AWS-A750

Giá: 12.000.000 VND

Nhà sản xuất: Angel (Korea)

Tình trạng: Còn hàng


Refined, Elegant Sound.

An evolved flagship model with stress-free key work and low-register playability, the new saxophone gives the performer full expressive freedom.

Brand New Key Layout

The new alto saxophone has had a complete overhaul of the key layout. Changes to the Front F key shape and mechanism, a position change of the left-hand palm keys, left-hand table keys, right-hand side keys and right-hand pinky keys offers a smoother playing experience giving players more confidence when performing. With the new, more ergonomic key layout design, the new saxophone gives players unrivaled comfort and makes hand adjustment easy and almost stress free.

Easy to Play in the Lower Register

During the design process, experimented with new methods for producing the bottom bow of the instrument. The diameter of the low C and D toneholes has been reduced and unique acoustic annealing process has been applied to enhance low note playability. Resistance is consistent throughout the instrument’s range.

Outstanding Intonation

Saxophones are renowned for their fantastic intonation and the new is no different. It have optimised the tonehole sizes and positions which has meant that the intonation on the new instrument is better than ever.

Elegant Engraving Design

The saxophone features a new ‘lily’ engraving design which is hand engraved on every instrument.

Redesigned Ebonite Mouthpiece


Semi-hard Case

The semi-hard rucksack style case supplied with the new is made from a stylish durable material.

Key Eb Eb Eb Eb
Bell Type One-piece One-piece One-piece One-piece
Decoration Hand engraved Hand engraved Hand engraved Hand engraved
Keys Key Buttons Mother of pearl Mother of pearl Mother of pearl Mother of pearl
Auxiliary Keys High F#, Front F High F#, Front F High F#, Front F High F#, Front F
Thumb Hook Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable Adjustable
Finish Gold lacquer Silver-plated Gold-plated Black lacquer
Neck AV1 AV1 AV1 AV1
Mouthpiece 4CM 4CM 4CM 4CM
Case Included Included Included Included
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